The adventures in Lassen Volcanic National Park are coming to a close. I spent so much time paddling in Butte Lake and climbing up islands of volcanic rock I hadn’t done much hiking. So to end the visit to Lassen I decided I would climb the giant Cinder Cone Volcano. Check it out and make sure you check back as I head north towards Crater Lake next!

Music: Viska “Milky Way” courtesy of SuicideSheep YouTube Channel  – THANKS Sheepy

**NOTE:  These videos are being released after my visit to the locations.  I spent 11 months on the road (which I will be discussing much further in some upcoming blogs.) I am currently in Michigan, taking a little break from life on the road.  I am still trying to catch up to current day in the videos and have so many more to release so make sure you are checking back every week for the latest!

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