The first main stop on the Ultimate Road Trip was Ginnie Springs.  This is a large private campground located along the Santa Fe River and is a short drive from Gainesville, Florida.  The campground is ok, especially mid-week during the fall/winter when the entire University of Florida isn’t there partying and tearing the place up.  The facilities are getting better and are about what you expect.  But what really makes this place amazing are the 4 large underwater cave systems on the property (3 of those are big open cave openings under water that daring swimmers can dive into.). The 3 main cave systems are always buzzing with cave divers and the springs themselves lend to a lot of scuba certifications so there is usually always something going on.  But when the drunk college kids aren’t kicking around at the top of the water and the cave divers aren’t entering the cave systems, you will find it is an amazing place to swim and free-dive or snorkel.   My personal favorite spring is called the “Devil’s Den Cave.”

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