I am nowhere near done with the planning phase but I wanted to get this posted sooner than later.  As I am sitting at an airport in Ft. Lauderdale, it seemed rather fitting to discuss travel plans.  As you know from my last Vlog, I helped some friends in the Florida Keys by driving a moving truck from Florida to Michigan for them.  They needed a driver and I obliged.  Next thing you know I was driving a semi across country.  After spending a few short days in Michigan, visiting with family and a few friends that I didn’t get to see on my last visit, I was on a plane heading back down south.  You are probably wondering if I am going to tell you my big plan…  Yes I am.  After a lot of thought, little to no planning and absolutely no idea if it will work…..Here it is:

New Logo for the Blog!

35 National Parks to celebrate my 35th Birthday!

I don’t have a start day yet, but it’s soon.  I will be leaving Florida and heading west.  Back into the unknown.  Back on the long road.  New opportunities to test myself, to grow, to learn and become a better person.  I will be on the road for the next 6-8 months.

I am heading west, through so many places I have never been.  I am beyond excited for this road trip and it will truly be the journey of a lifetime.  I do not know where or when this journey will end and I love that.  While I am looking forward to exploring with some old friends and some new ones, I am equally excited about the time I will have with myself.  I am doing something so few get a chance to do.  Something I almost never had a chance to do.  I am turning a bad situation into a good one and it all starts with my attitude.  I am excited to see and visit places that I have never seen or been.  I am excited.  I am an explorer.



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