My good friends Tim and Caleb invited me to join them on a spear fishing trip out to the wreck of the Thunderbolt.  According to the NOAA- “The Thunderbolt was intentionally sunk on March 6, 1986, as part of the Florida Keys Artificial Reef Association project. She now lies intact and upright on a sand bottom in 120 feet of water four miles south of Marathon and Key Colony Beach.”  On days with good visibility you can actually see the wheelhouse of the Thunderbolt within the first 10-15 feet of dropping down over it.  The wheelhouse sits at a depth of 80 feet.

After prepping Tim’s boat and loading all the gear we were off.  Heading out into the amazing sunrise over the Florida Keys to do some free diving.  It was a perfect Saturday morning.  

Once we got to the Thunderbolt we tied off and got suited up.  The visibility was looking good.  I was so excited to dive.

The Thunderbolt
The wheel house @ 80 ft – Also pictured (upper left) is a huge Goliath Grouper that calls the Thunderbolt home.
What an awesome experience!
Caleb taking a shot on a fish under the ledge


The end to an amazing day.

As always, I had an absolutely amazing time hanging out with the guys and getting some drops in.  The water visibility was much better this time than a few weeks ago.  I’m so grateful for Tim, having me along on these trips.  I have learned so much from both of them.   I used to fear the ocean and it’s inhabitants (mostly jellyfish)  Now, every time I go immerse myself in it, I’m at peace.  I love learning new things and gradually getting better at doing them!  So exciting.  

Parting Shot:

One awesome dude right here…. Caleb is cool too

For those of you wondering where Part 2 of my ‘Pain Series’ went, it is coming.  I like to switch things up as much as possible and wanted to share this incredible adventure with you first.  I am leaving for St. Petersburg tomorrow for a medical procedure later in the week.  I am hoping to deliver Vlog 8 on schedule but it will depend how I am feeling after everything.  Don’t worry though, I have so much more stuff coming every Wednesday and Saturday!  I’m also still working out details for my massive 2017 Journey across North America.  Coming soon!

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