October 14, 2016

img_0835After a great time, and an amazing wedding, in Chicago with family and friends I was back in Michigan.  I stayed at my brother’s house for a couple of days and then drove up to Glen Arbor with my Mother and Step-Father.  They had rented a condo at The Homestead and I was invited along.  I was very excited to be able to get back to the place that I love and had just visited in August.  Before I knew it I was eating another amazing burger from Art’s Tavern in Glen Arbor.

Art’s Tavern with my family
Sleeping Bear Dunes
A Freighter passing through the straits near South Manitou Island

After the weekend trip to Glen Arbor it was back to Grand Rapids Michigan to spend time with family.  I had a few days to quickly see some friends and spend some quality time with my nephews and then I was on the move again.  My girlfriend Kendall flew into Grand Rapids to see me, so we took a quick trip up north so I could show her my favorite place.

Spent a night at the Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor Michigan (again.)  With it cold outside we decided to have a night inside with some good wine and a roaring fire.  We spend the next day exploring and stopping in Traverse City for lunch at The Franklin.  It was a good time in northern Michigan.  The leaves were changing colors and it was unseasonably warm outside.  We left Traverse later that afternoon.  We had to get back to Grand Rapids for my Cousin’s wedding.


We had such an amazing time at the Cox Wedding!  Hannah and Brandon are going to have so much fun in their new life together.  The wedding and the reception were awesome and Kendall and I had a blast.  We were very thankful to be able to attend and share their special day together.

After a great time at the wedding and up north, Kendall flew back to Florida.  I stayed in Grand Rapids for a few more days with family before I too had to go back to Florida.  I had some more medical things on my calendar and couldn’t put them off.

This blog may have been a little long and packed full of events but I have decided to get caught up to the current day.  It was really hard to post some of the blog entries due to the large amount of pictures.  With that being said, I am now finally caught up on this blog.  There is so much more ahead.  Stay tuned!!

Parting Sh0t:


The sun rising over Detroit International Airport – Delta Terminal


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