October 1, 2016

After the most amazing journey around the country I was back in Florida to take care of some business.  It didn’t last long though because I had a wedding to attend in Chicago.  My Cousin Kristin and my friend Chris were getting married and I was honored to be a part of the ceremony.  I had a tux and a plane ticket and it was time to head north.


After getting settled into my room at the Sheraton, I was off to explore.  I used to travel to Chicago several times a year when I lived in Michigan so it was nice to be back downtown after a lengthy absence.  I spent the day walking the city and had a great time.  Then it was off to get cleaned up for the reception dinner at Spiaggia.


After an amazing night with the bride and groom and the rest of the wedding party, I found myself up early the next morning.  I got into my tuxedo and went up to the groom’s suite to hang out with Chris and the rest of the groomsman.  After a laid back morning hanging out with the guys we all hit the town for wedding pictures.

You may recognize the most attractive one sitting down in the middle…It’s me
Everyone looking sharp for pictures.  Here is Chris and my Cousin Tyler

After photo bombing the windy city we arrived at the Church.  It was an amazing wedding and I was so happy I could both help out and be a part of it.


The Bride and Groom and my Cousin Tyler and I
My Brother and I at the Reception Hall

I had a great time at the Smith Wedding and was so grateful for the time I got to spend with family and friends.    It was an honor to be included in the wedding party and be there for Chris and Kristin.  Congrats to you both!

Parting Shot:

 The Best Brother a guy could ever ask for

Next Up…. Adventures in Northern Michigan

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