August 13, 2016

img_3387My travels took me from Fargo North Dakota into Minnesota.  I continued driving east until I hit Minneapolis and from there I drove north.  I pulled into Duluth Minnesota after the sun had set and was met with extremely dense fog.  There were times when I had to turn my headlights off and run on fog lights only in order to see directly in front of my truck.  After about 45 minutes of driving trough the dense fog I was exhausted.  My eyes were tired and I knew I was not going to make it all the way into Duluth.  I found an exit for a small visitors center and pulled in. I parked next to an idling semi truck, grabbed my hoody and climbed into the Airstream.  I had no concept of what was around me.  I just wanted to shut my eyes.

The view from my bedroom window when I woke up the following morning.

The fog bank was so thick the night before I had no idea that I had parked at such a scenic overlook.  I could still hear the cab of the semi next to me, rumbling as it turned on and off.  I felt like the fog had moved into my head as I climbed out of the Airstream.  It was weird waking up to a place I had no memory of arriving at.  After getting ready I drove down into Duluth and wandered the city.  I had never been to Duluth before and was pleasantly surprised with how cool everything looked.  I could picture the town in the winter, buried to the traffic signals in snow.

img_3395I drove across the bridge in the picture above which is also the Wisconsin State line.  Just across the bridge was the city of Superior Wisconsin.

The grey overcast day didn’t help make the photos amazing but it definitely beat the dense fog I was presented with the night before.  I stopped at a small park right at the edge of Lake Superior.  A lake that I had not seen in years.

Made it to Lake Superior
Lake Superior in Superior Wisconsin

img_3406I continued on Highway 2 as I drove through the upper part of Wisconsin.  Before I knew it, I was scrambling to find my phone to take a picture of the Michigan Welcome sign.

I had finally made it to Michigan.  I could not believe the entire trip was over two-thirds complete.  I had begun this amazing journey in southern Florida on July 7.  There I was, over a month later, pulling into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I couldn’t help but think of all the crazy things I had experienced on the trek across America.  I had the chance to hang out with some amazing people and was looking forward to reuniting with family in Glen Arbor the following day.  I continued my drive as the low hanging grey clouds slowly dissipated into a broken ceiling of white and blue.

Sunset on a marshy clearing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The sun was beginning to set as I pushed on towards the Mackinac Bridge.  That was my stopping point for the day.  At least, that was my original plan.


Next up…  Where UPper meets Lower






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