I started the day off on the ice-cold water of Lake McDonald.  With a small break in the weather, I decided to try to get some paddle time in.  I unpacked the board and hit the water.  I didn’t have long before the next line of storms moved in.  I was so glad I got to paddle on this lake though.  With the mountains wrapping around the calm glassy water, it looked like I was paddling into an infinite horizon.  Unfortunately it did not stay glassy for long.  Before I knew it, I was getting pelted in the face with rain and the wind had picked up.  I paddled back and got the board packed away before the storm hit.


I had started to drive back to camp, but found myself stopping north of the Apgar Ranger Station.  The storm line was just too beautiful to pass up.  I watched as the center of the storm had passed through the glacial mountains and began devouring Lake McDonald.  It was heading straight for me and I had a front row seat.


After the storm passed, I found myself heading towards Canada on North Fork Rd.  img_3246I drove the majority of the road heading north towards Polebridge and turned around before hitting the Canadien Border.  After I had spent a half tank of fuel driving around exploring, I drove back to my campsite.  After dinner, I drove south to Columbia Falls to get some laundry done.  The storms had not let up.  I was socked in for the night so I figured I would at least get a few things accomplished.  Ice, groceries and laundry.  Not exactly what I had planned but I definitely needed the break to stock up on food and get some clean clothes.  I made leftovers for dinner and then sat quietly in the Airstream, listening to the rain and the wind outside.

img_2983The next morning I packed up camp and started driving East towards East Glacier and the town of Pinnacle.  I did not have enough time to see everything I had wanted to see while I was in West Glacier, but I sure did have a blast.


Next Up…  Eastern Montana and North Dakota




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