I had finally arrived at Glacier National Park.  I was so excited to see this place and start exploring I had almost forgot to find a place to camp first.


Every single campground I checked out was booked solid.  I knew this park was going to be a busy one, but I didn’t think it would be so busy I wouldn’t be able to find a place to sleep at night.  I finally found a small campground that was just barely big enough for my truck and Airstream.  It wasn’t the ideal place to set up camp, but I would definitely make it work for the two days I was staying.  After a tight sqeeze backing the Airstream into it’s spot, I unhooked and drove into the park.

There is so much to see inside the National Park.  It is almost like its own world, surrounded by the rest of the country.  I drove around trying to find some small hikes I could do with the little daylight I had left.


I found some breathtaking views and a quick hike but I ran out of time.  I was hungry, ready to go set up camp and cook dinner.  I promised myself the next day would be the big day for hiking.

Parting Shot…  Base Camp Kitchen

Chicken Fajita (Red & yellow pepper, 9 breasts of chicken, red onion & garlic)

Up Next…  Hiking in Glacier NP

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