It was going to be a long day.  After getting a taste of what Glacier National Park looked like the day before I was ready to see so much more.  I wanted to drive into the mountains via the well-known “Going to the Sun Road,” hike, and then do some paddleboarding on Lake McDonald.  I did not waste any time shoveling breakfast down and leaving camp.

I started out by driving the “Going to the Sun Road” which is one of the main attractions inside the park.  This road is breathtaking.  The road winds and curves and switch backs all the way up into the glacial peaks.  Cutting between Bishop’s Cap Mountain and Clements Mountain, the road takes you to the Logan Pass Visitors Center.  Nearby you can hike the Hidden Lake Nature Trail which takes you to an awesome overlook.  I eventually continued on, heading east and stopping near Lunch Creek Falls.  I walked south from the falls, exploring well off the beaten path.  I had an amazing hike as I followed a river down the side of the mountain.  I got to see a ton of wild animals and even the notorious grizzly bear (luckily in the distance.)

This is where I had lunch after the big hike




Next Up… Bad Weather



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