Kendall and I arrived downtown Spokane late in the afternoon.  We were tired and hungry and wanted to walk around a little bit before heading to the airport.  I began scouting a place to park the truck and trailer and Kendall started looking for a cool local place to eat.  We were so hungry we didn’t even stop and take any pictures while we walked around downtown Spokane.  We decided on the Saranac Public House for dinner and then grabbed drinks on the patio at Black Label Brewing after.  It was Kendall’s last night on the expedition.  We definitely had a fun time exploring Spokane.

img_2887After walking off the food coma I was quickly entering, we made our way to the Spokane Airport.  I found an “Oversized Vehicle Parking” lot at the airport and pulled in.  It was coming up on midnight and Kendall’s flight was at 0430 hours.  I had planned to do a lot of driving after dropping her off so we crawled into the Airstream and passed out.  I definitely needed the 4.5 hours of sleep.

It felt like a dream, watching Kendall grab clothes and shove them into the suitcase.  I couldn’t help but think “how am I already this far along in my trip to where I am now solo?  It seemed like I just sat down to plan the first leg of the trip with Nick and Wes and now Kendall has already come and gone.”  Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely looking forward to some alone time, not that anyone made me.  I just needed the time to figure things out, to reflect on everything thus far, to decide what I want to do when the trip is over.  But I will most definitely miss having friends around.  I have had an absolute blast with Kendall for the week that she was able to join me.  As I watched the airport terminal shrink in my side mirror I was both sad our time was up and excited for what lies ahead!

Parting Shot:


Next Up…. The Great Glacier National Park

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