This has definitely ranked in my top 3 National Parks so far.  I absolutely fell in love with this place.  I wonder if another 8 months would satisfy my urge to explore these mountains.  Either way, I had to get Kendall to her flight in Spokane because she had to head back to Florida.  So, on the way out we decided to take the entire day, sacrifice much-needed sleep, in order to go adventuring.  We started with a lookout over Diablo Lake.



After standing at the railing of the overlook for what seemed like an hour, I finally walked back to the truck.  We put together a quick lunch and then we were off again, heading east with no set plan or destination (other than a late arrival at Spokane.)


We drove east and found this amazing river that was off of the main roadway.  We stopped and walked through the woods until we were standing on the banks of Granite Creek.  The water was glacial fed and had a very strong current despite looking so peaceful.  I couldn’t think of anything but jumping in, so I did.  The water hit me hard and sharp, as if I had jumped into a huge haystack, only with needles instead of hay.  Once the initial onset of system shock passed, it just became cold again.  In a word, exhilarating.

We continued our drive as it slowly took us out of the Cascade Range.  I could see the mountain tops in my rearview mirrors.  The road began to straighten out, a big change from the sharp turns and curves we had become used too over the past several days.  The jagged peaks dulled and began to round out, looking less like glacial covered mountains and more like big hills.  The ground flattened out completely and we saw horses and farms instead of wild rivers and canyons.  We stopped in the very small town of Winthrop and walked around a little.  But we had a lot of ground to cover to reach Spokane so we didn’t linger.

Next up:  Spokane and the Solo Roadtrip

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