I feel like I could spend months at each place I visit along this amazing journey.  I have been so fortunate to see the things I have thus far.  szob7099As much as I would have loved to stay and enjoy Olympic National Park, it was time to move on to the next destination.  We were ready for the 5 and a half hour drive into the mountains.  After doing some last-minute homework we learned we were unable to fit on the Port Townsend Ferry.  I was really bummed out, but also glad we did not try to push the envelope.  The Airstream would have most likely bottomed out trying to drive onto the ferry loading platform due to tides in the area.  Definitely not worth the risk.  We stuck to the roads and pushed on towards Port Angeles.



While driving along the 101 Hwy, heading east, we found Crescent Lake.  This is a beautiful lake that seems to be nestled into the high peaks and small mountains of the northern Olympic Peninsula.  Kendall and I stopped at the lake to take some pictures and ended up staying for an hour.  We got back on the road and took a left turn after the lake had faded from view.

vwkz5426Guess the lake wasn’t done with us yet because before I knew it, we found ourselves on the other side of the lake.  Of course, we stopped, this time for lunch.  I found Kendall climbing onto a huge boulder and decided to join her.  The perfect place to enjoy a sandwich?  I think it was.



After getting lost in the view, and lunch, we were back at it.  We drove east and then south towards Tacoma.  We drove through Seattle again and continued our trek north.  I was so excited to see the mountains.  I had visited this place with my father and brother over 20 years ago.  Wait, is that right?  Ok maybe more, but the point is, it was another lifetime in my eyes.  I vividly remember certain things about the trip and how amazing the scenery was then.  I could not wait to see it again.

One of many rivers we found on our drive into the mountains.  This one was definitely worth the stop.  A little too much current to swim in, although I was very tempted as always.

We have entered the Cascade Mt Range

After passing through the city of Concrete we continued on towards Marblemount.  The mountains began to dominate the view in every direction.



Next up… A Mountain hike around Diablo Lake


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