We left camp, deep in the rainforest, and drove to Rialto Beach just West of Forks Washington.  Hydrated and ready for a hike, we parked and walked down to the beach.  The trail leads to “Hole in the Wall,” which is a large rock structure with a hole carved out of it from ancient volcanic eruptions.  It is called a trail on the map, but you really just walk the beach to get to it.  Because it is a beach walk, you will have to time it correctly with the tides or you will get wet.


The point in the center of the picture above is where “Hole in the Wall” is located.  The giant hole is definitely cool, but to me, the real attraction on this hike is the amazing beach walk and deep tidal pools found at the end of it.

Kendall and I spent hours searching thousands of tide pools all over the beach.  We found starfish bigger than our hands, holding strong to the rocks as huge waves relentlessly crashed over them.    We found giant sea anemones in almost every tidal pocket.  Some were closing up as the water  began to slowly recede.  We found little crabs and shrimp walking through the kelp shards that had washed up on shore.

While we walked back towards the trail head, we stopped to enjoy all of the amazing driftwood that had washed on shore.


Had an absolute blast at Rialto Beach.  We found so many amazing things in our journey down the beach.  I cannot wait to go back someday.

Parting Shot:


“In any given moment we have two options:  to step forward into growth or step back into safety.”     –    Abraham Maslow

Next up:  A close encounter with a herd of Deer Elk

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