After spending 3 whole days exploring Seattle it was time to say goodbye.  I love Seattle and could easily stay much longer, but it was time to press on.  I only had a week with Kendall and wanted to make sure we got to see something other than tall buildings and taxis.

We checked out of the Westin Hotel and hopped in a Uber to head to the Airport (where my truck and trailer was parked in the long-term parking lot.)

My Co-Pilot for the week

We loaded up, got gas and we were off.  Everything after Seattle was not planned or mapped out.  I had originally attempted to book campsites and square everything away with plans and timelines.  But the majority of the campgrounds in Olympic National Park are first come first serve.  Therefor, I ditched the plans and timelines and just decided to wing it.  We took the 101 towards the coast and began looking for cool stuff to see while we were on our way.

While we were driving along the coast towards Forks, we discovered a small turnoff.  The signs said Ruby Beach and it was just north of Kalaloch.

The path leading to Ruby Beach

We stopped and walked the path that led away from the road and it took us to a beautiful beach filled with huge driftwood trees.  The endless beach was so beautiful at low tide.  Colorful rocks and pieces of driftwood peppered the beach.  Kendall hunted for gems in the surf while I chased seagulls down the beach.  After we were done playing we got back on the road and pulled into the Hoh Rainforest mid afternoon.


The Rainforest was 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding area.  The trees and ground were blanketed in bright green.  Everything was alive and wet.  It truly is a surreal place to visit.


Parting Shot:  Our campsite in the Hoh Rainforest



Next Up….  The Olympic Peninsula and a Hole in the Rock


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