After walking all over Seattle we decided we needed a little more perspective.  We grabbed tickets online while we sat and drank beers on the Pier.  The sun was out, it was the perfect temperature and we were getting ready to do some boating.  Touristy?  Maybe.  Fun?  Most definitely!  I normally prefer the attractions that are removed from all the touristy stuff.  The stuff that you really need to search out to find.  I do not like crowds, or being shuffled around on guided tours.  I like exploring and finding things out on my own.  But sometimes, you just have to give in to your inner tourist and explore with the masses.



All aboard the Spirit of Seattle!  We climbed into our private yacht for a really cool tour of Elliott Bay.You may notice our personal yacht attendants in the background welcoming us aboard.  Ok, so it wasn’t exactly private…  But it was a very cool tour of Seattle from the water.  I learned a lot about the City’s history and even got to see a huge freighter from 20 feet away.  It was definitely worth the money and the departure from my normal ‘crowd free’ style of travel.  I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys seeing things from a different perspective.


After disembarking from our awesome boat tour we went back to the hotel to get ready for the rest of the day.  We went to Elliott’s Oyster House for an amazing dinner.  We walked around the Pier area and also jumped on the Ferris Wheel at night, which was a short but very cool experience.  We had a blast.

Parting Shot:

Next up…..  The Rainforest – Olympic National Park

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