So with Nick gone, there was only one thing left to do.  Celebrate.  I’m only kidding… or am I?   So Nick flew out of Seattle International at 10am.  Then I sat and waited patiently for my next adventure partner to arrive….

11am- Kendall walked down the gate ramp and out into the terminal where I was eagerly waiting.  IMG_2600We had planned her trip completely last-minute.  I mean, a few weeks prior to the flight.  She was gracious enough to open her doors to me as I was preparing to leave St. Petersburg, when I was in between my apartment and the Airstream.  So we had plenty of time to share ideas on what we wanted to see and do if she were able to come out and join the expedition.

Kendall and I have been friends for almost a year now and started hanging out a lot more prior to my departure.  We did a ton of stuff in St. Petersburg together in the weeks prior to the start of this journey and had a blast so I knew we would definitely have fun on this trip.  I was very excited to adventure with her and also to get to hang out with her for a week.  After hugging it out for 5 hours in the airport, we decided to get her bag and head into Seattle.

Downtown Seattle for the next 3 days!

We checked into The Westin Hotel and got organized.  I decided it would be nice to relax a little bit after driving all over the country, so I booked the room for 3 days.  I was excited for the break from driving and definitely needed to recharge.  After getting ready we were off to explore Seattle and pretty much take it over for the next couple days.


The public market is a must stop if you like food or fish or just a really cool farmers market atmosphere.  I happen to enjoy all 3 so I definitely enjoyed it.  We walked down to the water and grabbed a beer at Ivar’s Pier 54 Fish Bar.  The weather was perfect so what better way to enjoy it then a boat cruise!


Next up… Cruising around Elliott Bay in Seattle

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