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After 23 crazy action packed days with Nick as my navigator and adventure buddy, he is leaving the Expedition and flying home.   He was somehow able to take that time off from work and unfortunately had to go back.  Nick started out with me in Tampa Florida and finished in Seattle Washington.  I am beyond thankful for the time we had on this trip.  It has been a grand adventure and I will never forget it.

We have fought with alligators in the bayous of Louisiana, climbed over the Grand Canyon, explored massive cave systems never before seen by man in Carlsbad, spent enough money in Vegas to be part owners of Ceasers Palace, played bumper trolleys around the streets of San Francisco, peed on almost every tree in the Redwood National Forest, drank all the beer in Portland, found a little known Crater Lake, whitewater rafted a Class 17 Rapids on the Clackamas River, boot skied down the face of Mt Rainier and ate more sweet-tarts than a whole school full of children on the day after Halloween.  Ok, so, I may have embellished some parts of that story.  But the locations are accurate at least.  It has been the trip of a lifetime and I was so stoked to have Nick along for this crazy adventure.

Nick and I walked all over downtown Seattle.  He treated me to an amazing fresh seafood dinner at Elliot’s Oyster House on the water at the Pier.  A great way to end such an amazing trip.  After stopping for drinks we called it a night.  We were still smoked after the huge hike up Mt. Rainier.  The next morning I woke up and grabbed an Uber to the Airport to see Nick off… and  welcome my next travel partner!

Next Up…. Kendall Arrives in Seattle and joins the Expedition

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