Heading out of Portland on Interstate-84 we hit Multnomah Falls.  Now it is just Nick and I.  As I mentioned before, we dropped Wes off at an Uber and fled the area.  Nick and I both were stoked to see Multnomah Falls.  The falls is nestled into the mountainside that overlooks the Columbia River Gorge.  We pulled off the exit and immediately hit traffic.  As we inched towards the falls, the width of the road became less and less until I was almost scraping the truck mirrors and Airstream tires on a flat rock wall that continued on for the remainder of the drive in.  When we finally hit the parking lot for Multnomah Falls it was jammed packed.  Large crowds were forming to go see the falls.  Nick and I looked at each other and decided to keep going.  For Nick and I, the crowds can sometimes detract from the attraction.  As we continued on we passed by Triple Falls, again due to a full parking lot.  The last parking lot as you leave the area is a much less visited Horsetail Falls.  There was a spot open so we stopped, determined to see some sort of a waterfall after all that work.

Ponytail Falls- near the trailhead to Horsetail Falls
Our total hike: 5 miles

As it turns out, we were so much better off by skipping the congested Multnomah Falls and picking the trail instead.  We set off on the Horsetail Creek Trail.  It started out like most trails and then went vertical.  Nick and I were both impressed by the technical vertical climbs, the switchbacks and the gnarly loose trail conditions which made things interesting.  After a decent hike up and in, we hit Triple Falls!


We continued hiking past the falls at first so that we could explore the upper river area.  It was a great decision as the upper river was really cool to explore.

After exploring and jumping from rock to rock I woke up Nick (he took a nap on a boulder in the sun.)  We started the trek towards Horsetail Falls.


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After exploring all day I have to tell you, I really loved the two falls we explored.  I would highly recommend it over the Multnomah Falls if you’re looking for something less crowded and more natural.

Parting Shot…


Next up….  We take on Mount Rainier!



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