So after having a sick time with Wes we had to let him go.  We had a great time with Wes since he first linked up with us in Las Vegas.

IMG_2493He has cracked me up repeatedly, gotten me lost, taken my money in bets and forced me to bring out my inner parent to prevent him from climbing all over things he shouldn’t.  I didn’t take out an insurance umbrella for this expedition so I guess inviting Wes was a gamble from the start.  But it has been an amazing time and both Nick and I were so stoked to have him be a part of the adventure.

These guys are bleeding me dry


One of Wes’ projects on this trip- clean all the bugs off the front of the rig
San Francisco
Chateau St. Jean- shortly before Wes was Trespassed

And our last shot with Wes before we crammed him into a very small Uber and drove in the opposite direction as fast as we could……


Next Up…. Triple Falls, Horsetail Falls and the rest of Oregon (without Wes)

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