So the three of us woke up exhausted from our big night in downtown Portland.  What better way to shake off the rust than to gear up and go white water rafting!  So we met up with Blue Sky Rafting and piled into a van.  We put in at a portage they use for a 4 hour rafting trip down the mighty Clackamas River (Class III+)  Our guide picked us up and told us were going to be paddling hard and fast and we will be flipping the raft at some point!  We were stoked to hear that.  No rivers and lakes here… let’s go chase those waterfalls!

Calm before the storm


I feel like I should be doing something other than giving the thumbs up
Coming in hot
Raft Guide?
Where we are going…
we don’t need raft guides

We got to take turns sitting on the nose of the raft as it entered some rapids.  We hit a couple rapids and tried to flip the raft.  I got to stand on the nose of the raft trying to balance while everyone paddled in a circular motion to see how long I could last…  I was shoved from the boat after I went one-handed and still hadn’t fallen in yet.  Either way I was happy to hit the water as it was getting pretty warm outside.

Don’t worry guys, I got this.


And then there was just Nick and I…

Special thank you to Blue Sky Rafting.  We had a blast paddling with you and will definitely look you up again next time we are in Oregon!

Parting Shot…. No clue what is happening here.

Next Up….. We lose Wes

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