About an hour east of Rosenburg Oregon is a 113 foot waterfall called Toketee Falls.  It is an awesome stop if your traveling on the south west side of the state.  Side Note: the parking lot is not big at all if you plan on driving with an oversize vehicle.  I pulled straight down the road and found that the turnaround was full of cars so manuvering was not the easiest but my crew got me through.  Back to the falls though… Short hike to the top of an overlook was amazing.  Wes and I found a small opening on the pathway and climbed down.


After hitting the falls we moved on towards a little town called Portland.  We had a hotel for the night at the Marriot and we were all excited about the opportunity to take a long hot shower.  We got cleaned up and decided to head into the heart of downtown.


Wes has a friend, Andrew Myers, that lives downtown and we all met up with him.  Andrew showed us around town and took us to a bunch of cool bars.

Unfortunately I do not have alot of pictures from our big night out downtown.  I just wanted a night off from taking pictures.  We all grabbed food at a cool restaurant named ‘Imperial’ on SW Broadway.  Then we started walking and decided to crash a rooftop bar called ‘The Departure.’

It was a very fun night on the town.  I am not going to deliver a play by play because it was our night to just get out and enjoy some drinks and good company.  Had a great time exploring Portland with these guys.

Wes likes to give good back slaps.

After hitting about 4-5 spots we all stumbled back to our hotel room and crashed hard. Another big day ahead…  But not without…


Next up.. another grand adventure

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