Made it to Crater Lake National Park!  I will warn you now, these pictures fail miserably at capturing the impressive scale.  I have never seen a blue like that in my life and there was even snow on the mountains.  We parked the Airstream and started walking around.  The three of us just stood there in awe of how amazing this lake looked.

We took a nice hike along the Crater’s ridge line.  Stopped for pictures every two feet.  If you have not seen this in person, I would say it is a must see lake in your lifetime.  I think it is absolutely amazing that such a destructive force (a volcano imploding) can create such a beautiful landscape.

We hit our first snow mound on this expedition!  After throwing snowballs at Nick we continued our drive around the Crater.  Another Must!  The view just gets better.



Parting Shot:


I have to say Thank You to Fitlife Foods based out of Tampa FL and especially to my favorite store- the 4th St Store in St. Pete!!  Fitlife Foods is where I would get all my healthy meals from before I left St. Petersburg Fl.  The 4th St Store was so generous and gave me this Nalgene Bottle for all my hikes along with a ton of amazing food.  I have put some serious miles on this bottle and still love it!

Next Up…. Random Waterfalls and a little town called Portland

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