“Caulk the wagon and float it or attempt to ford the river…..  Ford the river…..The River is too deep to ford, you loose:  1 loaf of bread, wagon parts, 1 oxen, Tammy (drowned)”   -The Oregon Trail Game on MS-DOS and Apple II

Prior to hitting Oregon we had to make a pit stop.  As we were driving towards the border we spotted a river.  We took a chance and pulled down a dirt road hoping that we could easily navigate back out when we were done exploring.  That is always something to think about when towing a travel trailer.  There are only two options, backing up or turning around.  The risk paid off this time as we found one amazing spot to swim.  The Smith River.


As we were getting ready to jump we met some locals and learned about the river and some of the local hot spots for exploring.  Cara Brustol, if your reading this, thanks for the information!  I always love meeting new people on this expedition.  Everyone we have met on the west coast has been friendly and helpful and fun to talk to.  It is awesome to get information that you cannot find in a map or book.

The Oregon State line!  Immediately upon crossing the state line I noticed how beautiful the scenery was.  As we continued our trek north towards Crater Lake, we stopped and checked out every waterfall and river we could.  We found a river that had a lot of whitewater but the only problem was it was several hundred feet down a cliff from the road.  So we climbed.

After checking out the waterfalls and climbing rock walls we pushed on.

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Next up…  The huge Crater with a big lake inside of it!

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