After a huge day long hike to Alamere Falls on the previous day, we had to say goodbye to the Point Reyes Seashore and head north.  Our next destination was the Redwood National Forest.  But there was one stop we wanted to make on the way…  Wine Country.  IMG_2357

Chateau St. Jean wasn’t too far out of the way.  My father had given us the referral so it had to be good.  I will be honest and admit that I am not a “wine guy.”  That being said, this place almost changed that.  We did a big tasting of all the different varieties they offered, even got to try a few not on the list.  Guess they felt generous since the guys had bought a few bottles to take home.  The Cinq Cépages was outstanding.

We got a bottle and some charcuterie and hit the courtyard to take in the vineyards and unwind a bit.


Couple bottles for the trip and we were off.  Definitely a great stop and would highly recommend this winery.  Chateau St. Jean did not disappoint.


Next Stop Redwood National Park.


Redwood National Park has really big trees!  Ok but really, the trees are bigger than anything I have ever seen.  I felt like I was in the Return of the Jedi movie as we walked through the old growth forest.  Maybe that is where they filmed that part of the movie?  It really was surreal though.  Everything was so green and alive.  The trees rising up out of the ground around us looked stronger than steel buildings.  It is crazy to learn that some of these trees are 500 to 1,000 years old.  We spent half the day in awe at seemingly each tree that we passed.  It was definitely an amazing place.  So much life here!

I wish we could have stayed longer, but we have even more places to see and things to do.  Next up…  Oregon and the big Crater with a lake in it…

I will leave you with this parting shot from the Redwoods ….


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