After our big night in San Francisco it was time to hike.  We had set up camp in Olema, a small town just north of San Francisco.  From Olema, we drove to the coast.  We packed all of our gear and prepared to take on the Alamere Falls Trail at Point Reyes National Seashore.  We did not know what was in store for us.


We knew the trail to the falls would be a good one.  We did our research and listened to the stories from locals.  What we did not know was that it would be such an epic hike.  It was also a little longer than planned, but that is due to the fact we missed a turn.  For those of you reading this that are interested in the hike, you really need to keep a close eye on the ground around mile 4.  There are rocks on the ground that form an arrow and the abbreviation of “AF.”  That is next to a very narrow unofficial looking trail that veers off the main trail.  We missed that clue and kept hiking.  At the 5.5 mile mark we decided as a group to turn around and search for the correct path.  Luckily, after some backtracking, we found it without any trouble and continued the hike.  Another mile and we were there.


The fragile shale cliffs of Alamere Falls.  We climbed down a very steep path, the ground crumbling and falling beneath us.  And after the first of 3 descents, we found the falls.


We continued down the cliffs to the beach.  Alamere Falls is a “Tidefall” which is a waterfall that flows directly into the Ocean.  As I climbed down the last 20 foot drop, the final waterfall came into view.  Water surging over the cliff side and down onto the beach.  The beach was at low tide at the time, something we timed correctly so that we could walk the beach.  At high tide, the water from Alamere Falls flows directly into the Ocean.IMG_0438



We also made some new friends on this hike.  Kara Jones and Charlie Walker, if you guys are reading this I hope you are doing well and still adventuring!

After enjoying the beach, we made the climb back up the crumbling cliff side to the first waterfall.  It was hot out, we had already hiked 6 miles and I was ready to cool down.  Time to jump in the waterfall!  There is something so peaceful and amazing about ripping your clothes off and jumping into a remote waterfall.  I cannot explain how good it felt.


After getting dried off and dressed again it was back to the grind.  Hiked another 5 miles back to the truck where we had some beer on ice.  We split what was left of a huge sandwich and drank cold beer in the parking lot.  Absolutely amazing day!  I was tired, wet, dirty and happy.  I cannot think of a better way to end a hike.




Up Next… Wine and Redwoods



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