Made it to San Francisco!  We pulled into the downtown area, Airstream in tow.  The streets started shrinking, becoming more and more narrow as we continued on.  I would not recommend driving any sort of trailer around downtown San Francisco.  GOPR6342.jpgAs we pulled into Golden Gate Park, I pulled into the first parking spot I could see and called Uber.  Now that the stressful part of driving truck and trailer was done, it was time to enjoy the city.

Time for some drinks.  My Dad told me of a great spot for a cocktail so off we went.  Top of The Mark was the destination.  The Mark is the Intercontinental Hotel and at the top of it lies one of San Frans best kept secrets.  Great Manhattans and great grub!  You can eat and see the entire city at the same time.


After the Top of the Mark, we jumped on the famous San Francisco Trolly to head into the heart of downtown.  IMG_2295This is my first time in California so I have to admit I was pretty excited about riding the trolly in San Fran.  IMG_2294

We headed downtown past Chinatown and past the financial district to the Pier.  We jumped off the trolly and started walking the Piers towards the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Grabbed some good drinks and grub at Fog Harbor and then we were back on foot.  We wandered the streets of San Fran well past dark and then pushed on.  Unfortunately we had to head back to the truck since we had a huge day planned with hiking the following morning.  Side note- crossing the Golden Gate at night was sick.  My advice is to walk it for the best view, unless your scared of heights- then maybe just stick to driving it.IMG_2259

Next up… THE HIKE….

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