After recovering from my crazy 24hr flu, it was time to finish the drive to the Coast of California.  I could hardly wait to see the ocean and when we finally did, it was just as amazing as I remembered.  We drove into Monterey and hit the Monterey Bay Aquarium first.

IMG_0347I loved learning about how the aquarium is run and how they make these exhibits look so realistic.  My favorite exhibit was the tide pool where they created a machine to reproduce the surge of tidal water to cover the rocks and plants.  It was a very nice aquarium.

After checking out the marine life and all the cool Jellyfish tanks we continued walking.  We checked out the Fishermans Wharf and had dinner.  Then it was ‘wheels up’ again to take a scenic drive south and explore the coast.  Crazy how fast the days go on this trip.

We found tons of small beach access points on our drive south.  Had to check out most of them.  The sun was setting after we turned around near Big Sur and began heading back towards Sunset Beach (30 min north of Monterey) where we had a campsite for the night.  As we drove along Hwy 1 heading north, I got to watch the sun sink into the Pacific.  It was the end of another amazing and action packed day.

Next Up… San Francisco

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