Yes, it was bound to happen on this trip.  I got crazy sick and of all the times it had to happen… on the way into Yosemite!  SO bummed.  Luckily it didn’t detract from the amazing views you get the second you begin to enter the Sierra Mountain Range.  IMG_2206.jpg

Only one small problem.  You ever fly with a head cold?  I’m sure everyone has at some point in their life.  It is not pleasant.  Well I would gladly take a commercial flight over the drive I had to endure with complete sinus congestion.   The slow climb up the mountains and then down, multiple elevation changes of 8,000ft.  By the time I hit the Lower Valley I was a disaster.  I felt like my head was going to implode.  I missed an epic waterfall hike with Nick and Wes (yeah I was that guy unfortunately.)  I just couldn’t move.

IMG_2212.jpgGood news is I was able to hike a bit when we first entered the East Gate of Yosemite.  Before all the altitude changes and the super advanced flu bug really took their toll on my body.

Quick overview:  We set camp in a very cool small town East of Yosemite before we entered the following morning.  We took Hwy 120 to the East Gate and decided to check out some of the less traveled Yosemite.  SO Glad we did!  The East side of the park is just as amazing, if not more amazing that the Lower Valley.  We stopped at Tuolumne Meadows and did some quick hikes.  Well, Nick and Wes did anyway.  I enjoyed just sitting in the sun next to this amazing little river.

From there we drove to Olmsted Point and did some more hiking.  I actually sucked it up long enough to hike up the side of a huge dome with the guys.  So glad I did too.  The view from the top of this thing was breathtaking.  And the best part, no tourists!  Well, maybeIMG_0286.jpg

that was because we forged our own trail over the smooth rock dome.  Either way look at this view…

After an amazing hike we made the decent into the Lower Valley.  That is where my body promptly let me know it was time to stop.  I was really bummed I couldn’t make the trek with Wes and Nick to the waterfall but glad they were able to do it!

I later retreated to a hotel room to sweat out the crazy flu I must have picked up in Vegas.  Luckily I was able to beat it with 10 gallons of Pedialyte and 8 bottles of NyQuil.

Next Up… Monterey, Big Sur and the California Coast!

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