Just outside of Las Vegas lies one of the coolest man-made dams I have ever seen.  The Hoover Dam.  The first thing that hits you is the sheer size of this thing.  As you leave Arizona and travel over the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge you see it on the right.  It dwarfs anything I have ever seen.  We didn’t have time for a full tour so Nick and I did our own impromptu tour.  It was definitely something you need to see to understand.  Not many people I know drive into Vegas, most fly, but if your ever in the neighborhood you will not be disappointed.



Ok Ok, onto Vegas..IMG_2118

So, before you tune out because of your own political beliefs,  just remember:  It’s just a red hat with some words on it.  Words that I happen to like.  No matter who says them.

Ok now to introduce this character on my left, other left, whatever the guy without the shades on.  Im stoked to have Wes Caseber join in on the Expedition!  Wes has flown into Vegas to meet up with Nick and I.  He took some time off of work to come out and join up with the Expedition.  Wes and I have been friends for a long time.  We met through work and I don’t know of a time I have not had fun with this dude.  He will be riding with us up to Portland.


Started with a heavy dinner in Downtown Vegas.  Glutton on East Carson Ave is definitely worth a stop if you find yourself heading to the casinos like El Cortez or the Golden Nugget.  IMG_2124.jpgThis is true old town Vegas. The feel is totally different from the main strip.  This is my first time to Vegas and I liked seeing how things used to look.  It was like stepping back in time.  Did I spend 3 hours playing cards at the Golden Nugget?  Sure did.

After a pretty solid run at the Golden Nugget and the El Cortez it was time to head to the main strip.   We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino.  Nick had some comps that we gladly took advantage of. We walked all over the strip on Day 1.  Hitting the small must see casinos to the bigger fancier mega casinos.  The Bellagio, The Wynn and Caesers Palace were pretty awesome.  Nick and Wes are pretty much like ‘expert shooters’ on the craps tables.  These guys ran tables for hours.  I guess if your going to win in Vegas, Craps is a fun way to start.  Definitely cool to learn the game and play tables with them.

Wait.  You thought you were going to get a play by play of Vegas?!  Nope.  It’s Vegas.  I mean…  Here just enjoy some pictures..





I will answer 1 burning question on all of your minds…  Vegas did not make me a Millionaire, sadly.  I did however have a great time and was glad to be with two Vegas veterans on my first visit.  Just like Sheryl Crow said “I’m leaving Las Vegas.”

Next Stop…. Yosemite!

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