So far we have made quite the journey.  The first couple days of this expedition has been dedicated to making it further west and covering a lot of ground that Nick and I have both seen before.  So needless to say, there have been a lot of hours logged in the truck.

Long hours on the road


Biloxi MS, New Orleans MS and Austin TX all conquered in record time.  We wanted to stay longer and really dig in but decided to push further west.  Here are a few things we have seen so far.












3 thoughts

  1. I love the pictures. The perspectives are definitely viewed by passenger and driver making the viewer see and feel like they were there with you in truck. Hehe. We loved our Ford 250. We love our 350 even better! Don’t you love the way it pulls the trailer? It has awesome power on the hills too. If that was Lake Pontchartrain, I’m glad you didn’t stop and paddle board with the gators. Safe travels.


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